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"A Stelar Performance as Company Hits Lofty Goals"
The Business Journal, Portland

"Stelar Tools HDL Explorer Adds Automatic Signal Routing, Automatic Block Movement and Connection, and Full VHDL Support to Reduce RTL Closure Time."
SOC Central, March 18, 2005

"Design Exploration Tools Encourage More Creativity"
John Gabay, eeProductCenter

**PRESS RELEASE** March 7,2005
"Stelar Tools HDL Explorer Adds Significant New Capabilities - Including Automatic Signal Routing Through the Hierarchy, Automatic Block Movement and Connection, and Full VHDL Support - to Dramatically Reduce RTL Closure Time in HDL Designs."

**PRESS RELEASE** February 15, 2005
"Stelar Tools HDL Explorer Nominated by EE Times Editors and Readers for the Ultimate Product Award"

"Consumer Electronics Demands New EDA Focus"
Steve Sapiro, EEdesign, 1-31-05

"RTL CLosure Helps Clean Up Designs"
David Maliniak, Electronic Design 11-29-04

**PRESS RELEASE** November 9, 2004 
"Verific Becomes Stelar's HDL Technology Partner"

"Startup Promises Clean RTL Code"
Mike Santarini, EE Times, 11-08-04

**NEWS RELEASE** November 8, 2004
"Stelar Tools Introduces HDL Explorer to Help Design and Verification Engineers Quickly and Easily Reach RTL Closure.  
First Tool to Offer Combination of Intelligent Design Creation, Exploration, and Editing of Legacy Designs and Testbenches Using Best Known Methods

**PRESS RELEASE**"Stelar Hires Senior EDA and Marketing Executive"

"Where Angels Fearlessly Tread; Tracking the Entrepreneurial Spirit in EDA"
Peggy Aycinena, EDA Confidential, 05-28-04

**PRESS RELEASE** "New EDA Company Stelar Tools Optimizes Design and Simulation Resources for Re-design of Large, Complex Electronic Products"

"Software Firm Gets Venture Backing"
Portland Tribune

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