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HDL Explorer™ for RTL Closure

HDL Explorer is an EDA  RTL Closure tool that saves designers considerable time by finding and fixing problems early in the design process. It gives users visibility into downstream implications of their RTL, near the beginning of the design process, which has enormous impact on design convergence and on-time schedule performance. The product has an extensive set of design creation, exploration, navigation and analysis functionality. drugrevenue.com

Design Creation that works the way designers do
Integration with working tools and methods; leverages your current strengths
Ease of use - spend time using the tool, not learning how it works
Assertion-based / constraint-based design to drive simulation and synthesis flows
Creation and enforcement of Best Known Methods (BKMs) to raise the bar for each design start
View a design in the best way to get the job done
Retarget an existing design to another technology without the hassle