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About Stelar Tools

The Stelar Tools team has developed an effective and focused solution for large, complex HDL design, analysis, verification and design management issues. This solution allows a design team to cut 30% from
the total design time

FPGA, ASIC & SoC HDL designs are large, complex, and difficult to deliver on schedule.

Design teams are large, in multiple locations, often in different countries.

80 to 90% of designs are re-engineered from existing designs and combine IP that is new, re-engineered, legacy and imported. Gary Smith, Dataquest & the EDAC / IBS Report

Current design methods may fail entirely as design sizes increase beyond 50M gates. Gary Smith, Dataquest

Few EDA tools support interactive analysis, interactive documentation.

Many companies are going to RTL signoff.

Current HDL design methodologies were developed in the early 90s when designs were smaller and design cycles were 18 months or more. Today, designs with millions of gates are routine and pressure to decrease design cycles time and design iterations are intense 

Design teams currently use simulation and schematic capture tools to analyze and understand large designs. However, using simulation tools to uncover design, syntax and connectivity errors is time consuming and expensive. It also requires designs to be complete and syntactically correct for complete analysis, and does nothing to provide a high-level view of the design architecture. Schematic/block generation tools are also of limited value in that they only provide a component-level graphical view of the design, preventing designers from seeing the overall design architecture effectively. They are also unable to provide a dynamic environment for navigating through these complex designs at varying levels of abstraction. rxfastfind.com

The design team must have tools to help them understand, analyze, verify and manage their current product before they can make the changes necessary to create the new product. These tools don’t exist today.

Stelar Tools has focused on this opportunity by providing cost effective solutions for HDL designers, verification engineers and design teams that solve these problems and significantly cut the design
Stelar provides an environment for:

HDL structural design

Design analysis

Pre-simulation analysis

Enforcing Best Known Methods

Design verification

Design management

Risk assessment and management

Designers, verification engineers and managers can quickly analyze, view and traverse design views at different levels of complexity. Problems uncovered can be easily corrected through the built in textual or graphical editors.