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Start-up Stelar Tools to Optimize Design and Simulation Resources for Re-design of Large, Complex Devices SOC, ASIC and FPGA Devices  

May 24, 2004 -- Stelar Tools, Inc., a Portland, Oregon-based start-up, announced it has received seed funding to develop EDA products that optimize design and simulation resources for ASIC, SOC and FPGA designers who are creating complex electronic products containing new and existing IP and testbenches. With patent-pending technology, Stelar will offer these designers a graphical and textual environment for exploring, navigating, analyzing, documenting, and modifying a design within their current design methodology using their current tools.

Stelar has secured seed funding from three Portland, Oregon-based venture funds including Capybara Ventures, Northwest Technology Ventures, and SmartForest Ventures. Stelar founders have also invested in the company. According to Eric Rosenfeld, managing partner of Capybara Ventures, this is the first time in his memory that three local venture firms have combined their resources to launch a promising local company. Gordon Hoffman, a managing director of Northwest Technology Ventures, agrees with Rosenfeld. Both men have been involved in the EDA industry for many years.

Stelar was founded by a team of EDA industry veterans and patent holding technologists with more than 110 combined years in the industry. The team includes CEO Joe Tanous, vice president of marketing Steve Sapiro, chief technology officer Larry Carner, chief financial officer Jack Winter, director of product marketing Mike Lottridge, and director of engineering Scott Bloom.

According to Tanous, "We launched Stelar to offer groundbreaking new technology to designers who are dissatisfied with the lack of pre-simulation analysis, interactive documentation, and verification capabilities in their EDA tools, and who don't want to change their HDL design methods each time they change tools. Stelar's HDL software technology enables designers to interactively correct designs in real-time and leverage their simulation resources."

Stelars' founders identified an opportunity to provide designers with a dynamic environment for navigating through today's increasingly complex designs at varying levels of detail and quickly finding and fixing errors. Design teams currently use simulation and design capture tools to analyze and understand large designs. However, using simulation tools to uncover design, syntax, and connectivity errors is expensive because simulation resources are limited. Schematic/block generation tools are also of limited value in that they only provide a low-level graphical view of the design, preventing designers from seeing the overall design architecture effectively.

According to Stelar, it has developed an effective and focused solution that addresses these issues for the re-design, analysis, re-engineering and management of large, complex designs. The company expects to introduce its first product in 6 to 9 months. The product is currently in beta.

Stelar is now recruiting for key engineering and marketing positions.

Go to the Stelar Tools, Inc. website to find additional information.

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