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Generic Soma


Nature and use of the drug

Carisoprodol is a medicine marketed under the brand name Soma. It is a prescription medicine that is used as a muscle relaxant. Along with physical therapy and other medication, this drug is effective in relieving severe muscle pains.

How this medicine works

This drug does not act by addressing the painful part of the muscle. Instead, it keeps the nerves from transmitting pain signals into the brain. In short, it blocks pain receptors.

With this mechanism, Soma becomes a habit-forming medication. It is addictive. This is why dispensing of this medicine is only done with a valid prescription. Many people have used it for illicit purposes.

Dosage and administration

The doctor may vary the dosage depending on the weight and pain threshold of a person. Children under 12 years of age and pregnant women are prohibited from taking this medicine. Lactating mothers are also advised not to take Soma. Although Soma's effects on babies are yet to be determined, its components pass onto the breast milk twice as much than as it does on the mother's blood. Stay on the safe side if you are lactating and avoid this drug.

What to expect -- side effects

There are many side effects noted among people who use Soma. This drug was noted to cause depression and breathing difficulty. It can also cause itchiness and inflammation of the skin. There may be a swelling of the face and lips that may extend to the tongue and the throat area. If you feel any of these allergic reactions, seek medical help. Talk to your doctor about it so you may be able to get some help.

The more serious complication noted among users of Soma are paralysis, fainting, palpitations, seizure, loss of sight and many other life threatening effects. If you suspect that you are going to have such symptoms, immediately stop the medication and consult your doctor.

You may also feel lack of coordination, confusion and agitation. It is advisable that while you are taking Somo, avoid driving and operating complex and heavy machineries. Taking the drugs while driving especially on long distances might get you into an accident. Utmost care should be taken when undergoing this medication. You also have to talk to the doctor before starting on this medicine. Tell your physician your complete medical history, your ailments and the medications that you are currently taking.

Precautions to take

Soma is a medicine that needs tapering down. Sudden withdrawal may cause adverse reactions to the person using it. This drug is recommended to be taken three times a day under a medical prescription. It should not be ingested with an empty stomach. Take it after meals and better yet, with milk in order to avoid upset stomach common to people undergoing medications. If you happen to miss a dose, take it immediately if the next dose is still a couple of hours away. If it is already close, just wait for the time of the next dose. Do not make up for the missed dose because it might cause an overdose.


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