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Generic Propecia



Hair loss is a common problem among men in middle age and up. Hair loss can either start on the hairline or the crown area of the head. It is much like a pattern. This problem is hereditary although some people only acquired it because of some medical conditions. Hair loss is very rampant among men but very few cases can be noted among women. A solution, although not permanent, was discovered to treat this problem -- Finasteride, commonly known as Propecia.

Nature and use of the drug

Finasteride already gained approval in 1992 under the name Proscar but it is to treat the enlargement of the prostate. Even after the approval, the medicine was continually being tested and studied. It was then that a hair growing capability of the drug was noted. It gained another FDA approval in 1997; it is already under the name Propecia and is specifically used for treatment of pattern hairloss in men.

Merck & Co. markets finasteride under two trade names. They are Propecia and Proscar. Propecia is used for treating male baldness while Proscar treats prostate enlargement. The difference among the two trade names is the amount of finasteride present in them. Propecia contains only 1 mg of finasteride while Proscar has 5 mg of it.

How this medicine works

Propecia has been effective in the treatment of baldness in men. When propecia is taken, hair regrowth can be observed. It also prevents hair from falling once it is already being used. The effectiveness of this medicine was noted to be on a high level. The down side is this is that Propecia is like a maintenance drug. It has effect only while it is being used. In 6 to 12 months time after you stopped taking the drug, the hair you have gained will be lost again.

Dosage and administration

Men undergoing pattern baldness treatment should take one tablet of Propecia per day. It is safe for the stomach even without meal. Before starting on this medication, consult a doctor first. Discuss with a physician your present health condition and all the other medication that you are taking. This way, you will be guided as to what to avoid or whether you will be allowed to take Propecia or not.

What to expect -- side effects

Propecia although found to be very effective in treating hairloss in men is found to be of no such effect in women. There are some side effects noted among men using this drug, but only to a very small percentage of users. Some men using the product suffered from erectile dysfunction. Gynecomastia, commonly known as the breast gland enlargement in men, is also observed. But these side effects stop once the drug's use is discontinued.

Precautions to take

Pregnant women must be very careful not to come in contact with this drug. It can penetrate even through the skin's small pores. This is why breaking the drug in the house where there is a pregnant woman is prohibited. Also, stay out of this medicine if you are a woman planning to be pregnant very soon. If you happen to come in contact to it, discuss it with your physician. This drug can damage the male genitalia of a fetus.


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