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Generic Levitra


Vardenafil is commonly known as Levitra. It is co-marketed by Bayer Pharmaceuticals and GSK under trade name Levitra in the United States. In Italy, Bayer is marketing the drug under the name Levitra while GSK sells it with name Vivanza. In compliance with the European Trade rules, Levitra is placed alongside Vivanza in pharmacies where they are sold.

Nature and use of the drug

Levitra is the second drug that gained FDA approval for temporary treatment of erectile dysfunction, with Viagra being the first. It is also a prescription drug. Levitra is an oral drug taken about 30 minutes before sexual intercourse. It is not recommended for use more than once per day. Levitra has a lasting effect of up 24 hour in the body as compared to Viagra that lasts up to 4 hours only. An overdose of Levitra can lead to serious health problems.

How this medicine works

Levitra works in much the same way as Viagra. They are both PDE5 inhibitors. This means that they promote smoother muscles on the penile area, causing a fast inflow of blood. This fast inflow of blood within the area of the male organ can lead to a natural erection.

Dosage and administration

Levitra is an orange tablet available in 2.5 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg and 20 mg dosages. Start with a low dose first, gradually increasing it if you feel that you need more of the medicine. Do not take large dose readily because and overdose of Levitra may happen and it is detrimental to health. Better consult a physician before taking this product in order to be on the safe side.

What to expect -- side effects

Levitra has some serious side effects that can be observed during the sexual intercourse. Some of these side effects include dizziness or nausea and discomfort in the chest such as pain, a tingling sensation and numbness. There is also a discomfort and pain in the arms, neck and jaw. When you feel any of these side effects, stop even if you are in the middle of an intercourse and call a doctor right away.

Be watchful also for side effects that are specific to Vardenafil. This includes pain in the abdomen, eyes and back. Eye problems such as pain, blurred vision and over sensitivity to light may happen. Observe yourself for signs of facial oedema, palpitation and hypertension. Whenever you feel any of these health problems, seek immediate medical assistance.

Also, you have to seek immediate medical help when you feel that your erection is painful or it lasts for more than 4 hours. This phenomenon can damage the penis if not treated immediately. There are rare cases when Levitra can cause permanent loss of potency due to damage of the penile tissue.

Precautions to take

Care must be taken when using Levitra. It is contraindicated with nitrates. Most people with chest pain and heart problems are taking nitrate-based medications. Better consult your physician before deciding to buy this product. Levitra, when mixed with nitrates can lead to a drastic drop in blood pressure that can cause serious problems such as fainting, heart attack stroke and even death.



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